There is no doubt that AI is the future of CRM

But What exactly  Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is when machines are able to simulate human intelligence and carry out tasks that require it. Even though science fiction often shows AI as robots with human characteristics, but it’s too far fetched. In reality AI surrounds us and we interact with it all the time and sometimes without realizing it. Today’s artificial intelligence is most visible in products like Siri from Apple, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s...well, pretty much everything to self- driving cars. All those products are making our lives a little bit easier even in very common tasks.

Artificial Intelligence combining with CRM

The year 2019 is truly here and CRM with Artificial Intelligence brings amazing benefits it presents for companies worldwide  means it’s not going away any time soon. Before thinking about it in the bad way that real people will be replaced in sales and marketing , just let’s take a moment to tell something about it.

For a very long time, businesses have viewed CRM platforms as simply a functional software for customer data. However, in the digital world we now live in, CRM offers so much more, especially for businesses that operate in the service economy. In nowadays CRM combining with artificial intelligence means many new development in the CRM world like  text and face recognition, voice functionalities like the voice assistants on smartphone.The use of voice is changing the way we live and work, and integrating it into CRM will only make tasks simpler, allowing for dictation instead of manually typing or to quickly access information through voice commands. AI-powered CRM, such as Salesforce’s Einstein, enables organizations to get information from simple to complex data by using voice commands. The less known, Zia, from Zoho CRM, is a voice assistant that allows users to easily and quickly access information through mobile or desktop applications. Moreover  spam filters, sales forecasting, smart searches, and sentimental analysis are all areas that can do a lot more with Artificial Intelligence. Based on these examples there is no doubt that AI is the future of CRM for 2019 and beyond. Here are some statements to prove it :

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